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CST has remained committed to their philosophy of solid “one-piece construction” for their paver and versa-lok® wall products. This means the concrete and color are mixed and poured together creating a one-piece product with the same color and consistency throughout. CST is confident that this is the most reliable way to guarantee long-term color, strength and durability. CST is the leading manufacturer of MONO-CAST™ one-piece paving stones and VERSA-LOK® retaining walls. CST products are manufactured with its patented MONO-CAST® one-piece construction, where the color and strength go all the way through, lasting a lifetime. The Concrete Stone and Tile Corp invites you to “Discover the Difference” and explore its diverse product line to most perfectly furnish your paver walkway, driveway, or backyard living area. Combine CST products with the knowledge and experience of CKC Landscaping and that is a winning combination.

  Our work is featured in the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 CST catalog


Versa-Lok Veranda Wall  Versa Lok logo

VERSA-LOK® Veranda freestanding walls create beautiful borders along patios and walkways. Finished on both sides, their height and sturdy construction make them ideal for perimeter seating. Veranda utilizes versatile unit sizes to easily create a random appearance in both straight and curved applications. Versa-Lok veranda wall is a high quality, low cost material that can help you get the patio of your dreams in the budget range you desire. This wall block comes in 3″ and 6″ heights, and you can mix those together to create a more natural looking finished product.




CST Slate Stone Paver

CST Firepit with accessory kit

CST Slate Stone Paver Patio

CST’s premier product for vintage slate texture and timeless beauty, the Slate Stone Series is one of the newest additions to their already versatile paver line. A three-piece system packaged in one cube, the series features squares and rectangles that create random patterns for a show-stopping hardscape design. Cut like natural slate stone, multiple profiles are created for true sophistication and richness. The Slate Stone Series natural stone-style paver gets even more versatile, available in two super-sized shapes.



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