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CKC Landscaping offers two main design services. The first is a premium drawing service that can cost $3,000-$5,000 depending on the scope you want to incorporate. Any drawing you pay for would be your property and you could share with any other person/contractor you wish. The second design service is a free 2D design drawn to scale. These drawings are provided to help our clients envision the overall design concept without impacting the overall budget. All free 2D drawings are property of CKC Landscaping and are not to be shared with anyone else.

Which service is right for you

The 2D CAD service is our most popular, and helps our clients envision the design concept while maximizing the project budget. If you are looking for a garden patio design that you would own, than the premium design service is what you want.

How it works

Call us, or submit an online contact form, and we will come over and talk with you. We will need to know things like:

– How do you entertain?

– What is your desired budget?

– What features do you desire?

– Products you want to use.

Design Services offered by CKC Landscaping


Premium Design service – buy the rights to it and you own it

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Our premium garden patio design service is geared towards clients who want total control of the vision provided by CKC Landscaping. This service is typical for larger projects, projects that will be bid out based on our plan, or projects that will be implemented in many phases. With over 45 combined years of experience, Steve and Dave can offer a wide variety of styles and functional aspects to your outdoor living space.

Free Design service – 2d cad that CKC owns the rights to

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Some of our clientele take advantage of our free garden patio 2d CAD design. This helps to better show you what is possible, and also makes for a clear scope of work as we move forward in the project. It is also helpful to have a scale drawing if you need to submit anything for township approval. CKC Landscaping asks that if you choose this free service, that you respect our ownership rights and not share this with other contractors. We find this helpful to our clients in all aspects of landscape and hardscape design.

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