Total Property Maintenance


CKC Landscaping is a full service landscape company and performs total property maintenance. If you would like consistent and qualified service let us handle all your home’s outside needs. We have taken the following basic services and bundled them up in two convenient ways to pay. Those services are:

  • spring clean up and mulch
  • pruning twice per season
  • turf fertilization – a 6 step program
  • weekly lawn mowing
  • aeration and seed
  • feeding shrubbery once per year
  • spraying shrubs for insects (beetles, ect)
  • fall leaf clean up
  • monthly weeding of all bed areas


You can either pay in 12 monthly installments, or pre-pay up front and realize a 5%-10% discount.

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We provide year-round full service lawn care to keep your yard lush and green throughout the growing season and to prepare it well for the winter months. Begin your full service lawn care now to enjoy a lovely lawn through this summer and late into the fall. You will be delighted with the healthy thriving lawn that greets you when winter is over and warm spring weather returns. In the spring, CKC Landscaping will wake up your lawn and help it to get a good start by fertilizing. Full service lawn care also includes spring cleanup of flowerbed landscaping and mulching. You can start the growing season with a fresh new look for your yard with trees and shrubs trimmed, grass mowed fresh weekly, fall aeration, and spraying/fertilizing shrubs. Mulching helps conserve water and keeps your plantings properly nourished. Trimming, weed-eating and edging complete the picture for full service lawn care leaving your lawn tidy, healthy and ready to face the long, hot summer months successfully.

I have had the best lawn in my neighborhood for over 14 years with CKC Landscaping. Their prices are reasonable and their service is top notch.

Dick L. - West Chester, PA

We love the convenience that CKC Landscaping provides. One stop shopping when it comes to our property maintenance. Dave has been in charge of our lawn care for over 12 years and we couldn’t be happier.  They have also handled several planting and design projects as well. 5 Stars!

Jane B. - West Chester, PA

Full service includes:


Professional Care

CKC Landscaping knows that there’s more to full service lawn care than just mowing and watering. If you have wondered property maintenance picturewhy your lawn never seems to thrive or have been longing for more interesting and exciting landscaping options, our professional services will help you have the beautiful, healthy lawn you want.



Weed Control

Once we perform the initial weeding of your planting beds, we install pre-emergent weed control. weed dying After that we offer a monthly spraying program that will control your weeds like never before. It’s time to sit back and let the professionals handle work.