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From five employees in 1989, Techo Bloc has grown to more than five hundred. Today’s Techo-Bloc Group comprises three production facilities in Canada, five new leading-edge plants in the USA, and six wholesale distribution centers located in: Ontario, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Illinois. All Techo-Bloc facilities proudly perpetuate their commitment to creativity and excellence.

I love the Techo Bloc products! I ended up choosing the Monticello pavers with the Antika border and couldn’t be happier. Combine Techo Bloc’s innovative products with the experience of CKC Landscaping and I am really loving my outdoor living space.

Martha C.

West Chester


Our craftsmanship combined with Techo Bloc’s attention to detail are just a two of the many reasons we are the preferred combined choice of homeowners who are ready to transform their outdoor living space. We not only tailor a design to fit your style, but also work with you to ensure that your needs are met and that you receive quality products that fit your budget. We specialize in Hardscaping. It’s what we do and we are proud of it. Tailor your look by adding contrasting patterns and colors, or a seat wall and fire pit. CKC Landscaping can help you find the perfect look for your outdoor space, and we ensure that you will receive a professional installation, quality products and quick service.


Are you looking to give your driveway or patio a fresh new look? Discover Techo Bloc products. Techo Bloc manufactures pavers that are several times stronger than concrete and more durable than asphalt, which add beauty and style to your driveway, patio, pool deck and more! Techo Bloc offers pavers in an array of styles, shapes, textures and colors to transform your outdoor living space into the envy of the neighborhood. The Techo Bloc Collection of Pavers and Walls Includes:
-Patio Pavers
-Outdoor Pavers
-Interlocking Pavers
-Pool Pavers
-Driveway Pavers
-Concrete Pavers
-Garden Walls
-Stone Veneer
-Retaining Walls
-Fire Pits

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Techo Bloc offers a lifetime warranty

Receive Your Lifetime Product Warranty. Techo Bloc offers you a very strong warranty. For more information, click here.

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